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Gary Pinkard Offering Expert Car Repair Services in Cardiff

Cardiff has the best experts in town. Southern Glamorgan is the location of our car repair garage. Since our establishment twenty-eight years ago, vehicle repair has never been the same again. Our company is a family owned business providing the best services in the city. Because we are a family business, we believe in values of accountability, integrity, efficiency, and effectiveness. Innovation has always been a prime motivation for us. We always find a new way to give your car better performance.

Our Expert Car Mechanics use the Latest Servicing Equipment

We have the best team of expert mechanics in town. They are equipped with the highest level of training and qualifications. On top of that they are friendly honest and very helpful. We have also invested state of the art technology to give clients the best service. We work on numerous types of vehicles ranging from cars, vans 4×4’s and pickups. Our repairs include the following:

Local Brake Repairs, in Cardiff

Your car brakes is part of car repair. The brakes should be fully functioning to enhance personal safety. Pull in for a brake inspection, parking brake adjustment, brake rotor replacement, disc brake repair and more. We can never compromise on quality.

We Repair your Tyres and Coolant Systems

Are your tyres worn out or your cooling system damaged? Then you need to see us. Our experts can assist in tyre replacement and patching of tyres.

Oil changes and Servicing

Clients should not let their cars run for thousands of miles without an oil change. We also offer this service at the cheapest rates. Pop in so that we help you in increasing your vehicle life.

Electrical and Ignition Repair Specialists

For electrical wiring, power accessories, and lighting systems we have the best car electricians. We also give services in car ignition systems. In case of ignition and electric failures, you can always come to us.

Transmission and Exhaust Services, in Cardiff

Our experience in this field is immense. Our clients will testify that we have the best mechanics for repair of exhaust services and transmission. We are guaranteed to give you the best car repairs services with the most competitive price in the city.

Specialist Fuel System Repairs

Clogging of fuel systems is common. However, not all mechanics can guarantee good work. It is why we come prepared with the latest in technology and training of our mechanics.

When you leave our store, your vehicle is guaranteed for proper functioning. Our car repairs business is to meet your interest. We are looking forward to serve you whenever you need car repair services.

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