Gary Pinkard Car Repairs can repair clutches for almost all makes and models of vehicles. To get a quote for a clutch repair if your clutch is slipping or juddering:

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Gary Pinkard are a Local Garage Offering Professional Clutch Repairs in Cardiff

If you live in Cardiff, South Glamorgan and you are having problems with your clutch, or just feel that there is something wrong, then it’s wise to book it in for a clutch inspection. Typical problems include noises as you are changing gear or actual difficulty in using the gear stick. A free, no obligation check, can be arranged from a qualified mechanic at our garage. If you do require a clutch repair, then you will always receive a full quote before work is started. Every job is fully covered by warranty.

Whether you are driving one of the latest models or an older car, our experienced mechanics will find out what the exact problems are before they fix your clutch

Our Experts here in Cardiff, can fix all your Clutch Problems

For drivers that are experiencing low-frequency judders, there could be gearbox and engine misalignment, or a loose or even worn engine mounting. Other possible problems could be caused by a faulty pressure plate or scored flywheel. A complete clutch check by one of our qualified mechanics will take around an hour. Once the fault has been identified, you will be advised on the best course of action. This could be either to fix your clutch or replace it at an economical price. Other symptoms that may reveal that you need clutch repair include slipping and clutch drag.

If your vehicle is suffering from Clutch Slipping, we can help

If you accelerate and there is no corresponding increase in speed, then it may mean that your clutch is slipping. In worse cases, this is accompanied by the smell of burning oil, and the inability to drive up an incline. It may be necessary to fix your clutch or fit a new one. A full review will be undertaken before any work is carried out.

For all your Clutch Drag issues, come to Gary Pinkard, Cardiff

If you are not able to put your car into first gear from neutral, one of the reasons could be:

  • Oil contaminated facings
  • fluid shortage
  • incorrect clutch adjustment
  • defective driven plate
  • worn hydraulic system
  • worn spigot
  • seized spigot bearing

If you suspect that you have a clutch problem, then it is critical that you get it resolved as quickly, efficiently and economically as possible to avoid further damage. In many cases clutch repair can be done rather than replacement. If you have a clutch problem, then call now, and book your vehicle in, for a clutch analysis check.

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