What Do The Warning Lights On Your Car Mean?

We all know that deep, gut-wrenching feeling in the pit of our stomachs when suddenly you see warning light in your car. It can be tempting to ignore it. To put it out of your mind and pretend it isn’t there, especially when you don’t know what it means. This does work. Right up until […]

What Do We Check During An MOT?

If you’ve ever been unsure about what a MOT (minister of transport) test is for or why it’s necessary, we’ve simplified it down for you. We provide thorough MOT services as well as advice for the next actions to take and things to keep in mind! An annual safety check is required if the vehicle […]

Brake Repairs: Looking After Your Brakes

clutch replacement cardiff

Brake Repairs: Looking After Your Brakes With your brakes being such a fundamental safety feature of your car, it’s important that they work properly at all times. Due to your brake being subjected to almost constant use when driving it’s a priority to check them often There are some key signs when checking your vehicle’s […]

Why Servicing Your Car Is Important

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Why Servicing Your Car Is Important As experts in the automotive industry in Cardiff and the surrounding area, with years of experience servicing and repairing all makes, models and body types of vehicles, we know the importance of having your car serviced regularly. Our trained team of mechanics know a thing or two about the […]