Gary Pinkard Car Repairs can help recover your broken down vehicle in and around Cardiff and South Glamorgan.

Car Breakdown Recovery To Our Premises For Repair

Breakdown Recovery Cardiff

We Offer Recovery To Our Garage For Repair Only

If you require breakdown recovery Cardiff, contact Gary Pinkard Vehicle Repairs today.

While mechanical problems with your car can be a pain, they can usually be fixed at a pre-planned time, and so don’t cause as much stress and anxiety as a breakdown at the side of the road (or the annoyance of having a car that won’t start when you need to get the kids to school and yourself off to work).

When you choose a car breakdown recovery service from a reputable local car garage -and we have over 28 years of experience working in the area, as a family run business- you know that you will be in safe hands should the worst happen.

As long-term South Glamorgan residents, all of our mechanics and recovery experts know the local roads like no-one else.

Trustworthy Breakdown Service

If you find yourself in urgent need of roadside recovery or roadside rescue, we’re here to help.

We’ll do our best to get to you as quickly as possible, and remove you and your passengers from any danger calmly and efficiently.

If we can fix your car at the side of the road, we will- and you’ll be on your way again in no time.

If we can’t, we will take your car to the garage for expert diagnosis and a speedy fixing of the problem.

We are the number 1 Cardiff car breakdown service you can trust.

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Find Local Breakdown Recovery

We’re used to dealing with all kinds of cars and vehicles in the Cardiff and South Glamorgan areas- from super mini city cars to people carriers and Land Rovers.

Offering trustworthy and efficient car breakdown recovery whatever your vehicle type, you will have the peace of mind which comes with being covered at any time of day or night.

Likewise, we recognise that reliable breakdown cover important to all road users.

We particularly understand the increased safety concerns for women travelling alone late at night, or those travelling with young children, and we’ll always do our best to help those in need.

Because we’re both local and independent, we can also offer a really great rate when compared with larger companies, and we provide friendly service with a smile, too.

So, if you require further information regarding our breakdown recovery Cardiff, contact our mechanics today.