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Servicing your car makes sure that everything is in working order, giving it a step by step once over to make sure it performs as best as possible.

Our professional mechanics have experience working with a wide variety of makes and models in our fully equipped autocentre in Cardiff.

We pride ourselves in being very experienced at vehicle servicing, with over 28 years of mechanics experience.

This has made us one of the leading auto centres in Cardiff.

Benefits Of a Car Service

Having your car serviced regularly will ensure it is maintained properly and in a safe working order.

Vehicle servicing often identifies potential faults or issues that can be fixed before causing serious issues and costing more to fix.

We pride ourselves in being very experienced at vehicle servicing, with over 28 years of mechanics experience.

This has made us one of the leading auto centres in Cardiff.

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Vehicle Servicing Packages

We offer a variety of car services that depend on your needs and requirements.

Because we are an independent garage in Cardiff, we can offer affordable prices to our packages whilst never compromising on the quality of our work.

Our range of packages include:


This is the entry level package and typically includes an inspection of the main components of your vehicle.


Designed to give people who cover a lot of miles each year a top-up. It will feature a variety of checks to keep your vehicle roadworthy.

Typically involving a more extensive component check, oil change, oil filters & air filters if necessary.


Covering a much more detailed component check of up to 70 points around your vehicle. A full oil drain and change as well as all filters changed.

We will also advise you on any potential faults or issues your car may have and talk to you about how to best rectify them.


Covering all of the same points the full service covers but in much more detail. We also change your oil and all filters.

If your car requires any other replacement wearable parts or consumables we will change them too.

This may include components such air & cabin filters, spark plugs, brake fluid, coolant and much more depending on what is required.

This service package will have your vehicle back on the road in tip top condition in no time.

Why Choose Us?

With over 28 years’ experience working with cars and vans, our trained mechanics are more than qualified to service any make and model of vehicle.

We pride ourselves on offering affordable vehicle repairs in Cardiff whilst maintaining a high level of quality.

Becoming one the top auto centres in Cardiff, our garage is fully equipped with the latest equipment to make sure we can offer the very best services in Cardiff.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend that you have it done every 12,000 miles or every year, depending what comes first. Often your car will feature a self- diagnostic system that will advise you of when it requires a service. Give us a call to book an appointment.

This depends on how many miles you drive in your vehicle and how long it was since your last. Our trained staff are more than happy to assist you in choosing the right package for you. Call us on 029 2049 0212 to enquire.

It is not against the law to not have your car serviced however, it is highly recommended that you have it done at least once a year to make sure that your vehicle is road safe and performs as well as possible. Contact us to book an appointment.

Contact Us To Book Your Car In For A Service

Regular car or van servicing not only ensures a safe and well maintained vehicle but it can prevent your vehicle depreciating faster than normal.

To enquire or to book an appointment call us on 029 2049 0212.